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What started out as a hobby turned into a passion


Hello and welcome,

We are very pleased that you visit our site and want to take a look around.

What began as a nice counterbalance to the stressful everyday life pulled us more and more under its spell.

The work with the clay, the glazes, the application of different techniques exert a great fascination. This is how you discover more and more creative possibilities.

After initially experimenting in the almost infinite world of glaze colors, over time we found our colors that we prefer to use and that give our works of art a charming, rustic uniqueness.

Each color is applied by hand and that's exactly why you can never know 100% which pattern it has adopted.


Each of our works of art is unique and made with love.
In contrast to industrially manufactured pottery, you will receive unmistakable new favorite pieces that bring variety to everyday life.

Since the ideas are just bubbling up at the potter's wheel, friends and customers keep giving us new ideas, we are constantly expanding our range.

That means that you can expect a lot more here with us in the Keramikhof in the future!

Just have a look every now and then if you want to make yourself or your loved ones happy with something unique!

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