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The way to uniqueness


First of all, there are no limits to our and your ideas. Casting molds, turntables or modeling tools can be swung as required.

Before the newcomers go into the oven for the first time, all works are air-dried so that the moisture can disappear from the clay.

Then the tools for decorating and sandpaper are used again.
Now you can hardly wait to place the first load in the oven.

Burning again takes an enormous amount of time because the furnace is carefully moved up and down twice.

The first firing is the biscuit firing, where our works are fired at 920 degrees in order to achieve high mechanical strength.

As soon as the oven has been emptied and the exact color you want has finally been found, glazes actually find great pleasure in playing hide-and-seek, the brushes can now be waved.

Through the glazing and the second firing, the glaze firing with approx. 1050-1250 degrees, our works get their wonderful color splendor.

And as soon as the furnace is started up for the second time, waiting becomes difficult for us too.
Even now you are always looking forward to the results.
Made in-house and simply unique.

Are you looking for a beautiful and unique gift for your loved ones or would you like to make yourself happy? Then our ceramic products, handmade and durable, are the perfect choice.

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